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Maritime Craft Services (Clyde) Ltd are fully committed to ensuring the highest levels of safety are maintained throughout our operations. We are proud to consistently achieve an excellent safety record and a LTIFR of <1.

We operate an Integrated Management System that is certified International Safety Management Code (ISM), ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. By integrating quality, health, safety and environmental, we guarantee that a holistic approach is taken in ensuring that we maintain a safe working environment for all our employees and others that work alongside us.

Good and open communication between our vessels and our shore-based team is an extremely important element of our management system, this is implemented through our programme of Internal Audits, Technical Inspections, Management Visits and Masters Reviews. Additionally, our cloud based Planned Maintenance System and general management on OneDrive, allows real time monitoring of all tasks.

We work closely with our charterers and other interested parties to ensure our system adapts and continually improves, this ensures a good collaborative and safe working environment.

The environmental aspects of our operations have been identified and reducing our environmental impact is very much a top-level objective. We capture and measure our carbon footprint and are actively looking at ways of reducing our emissions through new technologies, products and services.


We are continually monitoring developments in the industry and are actively involved in various initiatives in line with the Clean Maritime Plan, the environment route map of Maritime 2050, setting out in more detail how Government sees the UK's transition to a future of zero.

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